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  • "Unless USTR (the U.S. Trade Representative) issues a notice of modification for these tariffs, they will take effe… 14 hours ago
  • @caballero_alma  weighs in on AMLO’s infrastructure plan in #Mexico in today’s issue of  @The_Dialogue  Latin America… 15 hours ago
  • Amb Chris LaFleur on  @BloombergTV  re: Japan’s approval of the US-Japan Trade Agreement: “One of the most importan… 6 days ago
  • “In #trade if you’re standing still, you’re falling behind. The rest of the world is moving. America, I’m sad to sa… 7 days ago
  • @stephendonehoo  is in Colombia for the Bogota launch of the  @AtlanticCouncil  US-Colombia Task Force report — thank… 7 days ago