McLarty Associates mourns Shinzo Abe

July 8, 2022

McLarty Associates offers its deepest condolences to the family of former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and to all the people of Japan.  The former Prime Minister’s assassination was a cowardly and senseless act of violence, the kind with which we in the United States are all too familiar but which we were nonetheless shocked and deeply saddened to see occur in Japan.

Having worked closely with so many Japanese colleagues, clients and friends over the years, we are confident that Japan will respond to this outrage by reinforcing its enduring commitment to a peaceful democratic process and to the public safety for which the country is renowned.

During his years as Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe led Japan to an unprecedented level of global leadership, forging new and deeper relationships with many countries to better ensure maintenance of global peace and prosperity.  This is a lasting achievement for which he will remembered around the world with gratitude and admiration.