Helping clients manage policy & government issues around the world

We know diplomacy.

We provide diplomatic solutions.

We were ambassadors. And trade negotiators. And White House officials, journalists, intelligence officers, business leaders, and scholars.

Our work lies at the nexus of business and policy. We understand the complexities of international markets and help our clients navigate the strategic and operational challenges they face around the globe.

Since 1998


We're Different


Diplomacy for the Private Sector

As a pioneer in the field of private sector diplomacy, we have built an institutionalized and professional platform to help our clients in every part of the world.

Interactive Approach

Our approach is interactive. We do not produce generic white papers, or craft strategies for others to execute. Rather, we analyze the international opportunity or problem, assess the tools available to clients, develop strategies, and execute them – all in close coordination with our clients to understand their goals as well as their unique corporate cultures and structures.

Bespoke Solutions

We are a boutique firm: large enough to be global, small enough to be nimble and provide bespoke solutions for our clients.

Results That Matter

We have been delivering measurable results for our clients for twenty years, and many of our clients have been with us for nearly that long.


Decades of Experience

The senior members of our team, representing decades of top-level government and business experience, are deeply involved in all our clients’ strategies on a daily basis.

Global Insight

Our clients are generally Fortune 200 companies with substantial global footprints, but we also advise many emerging companies venturing abroad for the first time.

Global Reach

Since 1998, we’ve served over 300 clients in 112 countries…and counting. And we’ve also assisted at the local/regional level as well as with multilateral and international organizations, from the UN to the EU and APEC, to the WHO and beyond.