Tu Giang

Tu Giang, Advisor, assists clients on matters in Vietnam.

Prior to joining MA, Tu served as senior protocol assistant in the Executive Office at the US Embassy in Hanoi, Vietnam from 1998 to 2018.  During her tenure, she provided advisory and logistical support for various US personnel and for different Embassy operations. She also acted as a crucial liaison to numerous officials in the Vietnamese government in the highest positions, all diplomatic missions, international organizations, foreign and local non-government organizations, and corporations.

She previously held positions in Hanoi at ABB, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone, Sumitomo Corporation, and the Vietnamese Ministry of Trade (later Ministry of Industry and Trade).

Ms. Giang holds a BA in English with a minor in Education and Psychology from Hanoi University. She also received training at the US Embassy in Hanoi and from the US Foreign Service Institute.