Chris Li

Li Zhaohui (Chris Li), Senior Research Associate, specializes in economic and educational affairs in China.

Mr. Li worked as a credit officer in the Bank of China and other large state-owned and joint-stock commercial banks in China for more than ten years. His clients included large enterprises such as China Everbright Group and China Electronics Group, as well as more than one hundred other companies.

Prior to joining McLarty Associates, Mr. Li provided consulting services for elite Chinese high school students applying to top US universities. Mr. Li has personally visited more than one hundred top American universities, maintained cooperative relations with dozens of them, and organized the visits of American university admissions officers to leading Chinese high schools. Mr. Li’s extensive network of contacts helps him advise clients on China’s economy, finance, education, and culture.

Mr. Li has lived in Beijing for more than thirty years. He graduated from the Department of International Politics, Peking University, majoring in international cultural exchange and the English Department of Beijing Capital Normal University, with a double bachelor’s degree.