Angeline Thangaperakasam

Angeline Thangaperakasam, Regional Director, advises clients throughout Southeast Asia.

She returned to McLarty Associates in 2015 after serving as a Senior Associate at the firm in 2011-2012, advising clients on matters in East and Southeast Asia.

She started her career as a foreign service officer in the Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs. There she held a variety of roles, including Desk Officer for Europe, serving at the Singaporean Embassy in Manila, and handling international visits and protocol matters.

Angeline was also a Manager at the US-ASEAN Business Council in Washington, DC, where she monitored, analyzed, and updated Council members on economic and political developments in the Philippines and Singapore, as well as region-wide defense and security matters. Angeline served as a Program Associate with the Asia Society India Centre in Mumbai, where she monitored and developed programming around political, economic, and cultural trends for a wide commercial and policy audience in Mumbai.

She has lived in several Southeast Asian cities – namely, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Phnom Penh, Cambodia; Bangkok, Thailand and Manila, Philippines, as well as in Mumbai, India and Kampala, Uganda. She is a graduate of the National University of Singapore.