Angeline Thangaperakasam

Angeline Thangaperakasam, Regional Director, advises clients throughout Southeast Asia from her base in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Ms. Thangaperakasam is a former foreign service officer in the Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs. She held a variety of roles, including Desk Officer for Europe, serving at the Singaporean Embassy in Manila, and handling international visits and protocol matters.

Ms. Thangaperakasam returned to McLarty Associates in 2015 after serving as a Senior Associate at the firm in 2011-2012, advising clients on matters in East and Southeast Asia.

Prior to joining McLarty, Ms. Thangaperakasam was a Manager at the US-ASEAN Business Council in Washington, DC, where she monitored, analyzed, and updated Council members on economic and political developments in the Philippines and Singapore, as well as region-wide defense and security matters.

Ms. Thangaperakasam also served as a Program Associate with the Asia Society India Centre in Mumbai, where she monitored and developed programming around political, economic, and cultural trends for a wide commercial and policy audience in Mumbai.

Ms. Thangaperakasam has lived in several Southeast Asian cities, as well as in Mumbai, India and Kampala, Uganda. She is a graduate of the National University of Singapore.