John Maguire


John Maguire is COO of Alpha-Policy LLC and a member of the McLarty Associates Board of Counselors.

He joined McLarty Associated in February 2005 with an extensive background in financial markets, trading, and risk management, and prior experience in building a financial advocacy business.

Mr. Maguire was Nicolas Checa’s partner at Medley Emerging Markets, a division of Medley Global Advisors. He has extensive experience in proprietary trading and fund management at several institutions, including Moore Capital Management, where he developed the fund’s global fixed income business, set up the firm’s first Paris office and was the principal’s right hand trading assistant.

Mr. Maguire is a graduate of Princeton University and studied in the doctoral program at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School finance program. He co-authored (with Mr. Checa and Jon Barney) “The New World Disorder,” published in the Harvard Business Review and in HBR Press’s Leadership in a Changed World. Mr. Maguire is fluent in French and Russian.