McLarty Associates and University of Maryland launch McLarty Fellows program

November 23, 2020

McLarty Associates and the University of Maryland School of Public Policy are excited to announce a new partnership to broaden the range of students pursuing careers in international policy. The partnership leverages McLarty Associates’ broad experience in global policy issues to provide internship, fellowship and professional development opportunities to the School’s graduate students — the next generation of policy leaders.

The collaboration will also build upon the School’s diverse graduate student body, which hosts students from a range of backgrounds, to promote inclusivity in the field of international affairs and diplomacy – and to strengthen our nation’s Foreign Service and related international affairs fields.

“As a career foreign service officer and former Deputy Secretary, I have seen the importance of diversifying our ranks in the field and I am hopeful that this fellowship can contribute in a small but meaningful way to bringing more diversity to the international affairs community,” said Ambassador John D. Negroponte, Vice-Chairman of McLarty Associates.

Beginning this semester, the School will name a McLarty Fellow each year to receive funding and access to academic and professional development opportunities in the fields of foreign affairs, international relations, public administration, public policy and security. In addition to financial support, the Fellow will receive specialized career services support and access to the School’s robust alumni and employer network.

“The experts at McLarty Associates are well-versed in solving many of the pressing, global challenges that our world faces,” said Robert C. Orr, dean of the School of Public Policy. “With this partnership, their expertise will help our students learn firsthand what the nexus of business and policy looks like at the global level. We look forward to working together to develop the next generation of international leaders.”

Opportunities provided by the new partnership enhance the global nature of SPP’s policy education. As one of the School’s strategic pillars, international policy serves as a lens through which SPP students examine issues and encompasses a master’s specialization, numerous study abroad programs and a range of renowned faculty.

“We are truly proud to enter this partnership with the University of Maryland and look forward to supporting the fellows as they excel in their careers in international affairs, diplomacy, and foreign service.” Thomas F. McLarty, Chairman, McLarty Associates.

Nelson Cunningham, President of McLarty Associates added, “We are confident that the University of Maryland School of Public Policy will prove to be an excellent partner in this endeavor to build a well-rounded bench of experts in the field of international affairs. We are looking forward to selecting our first McLarty Fellow this year.”

Interested students and community members will receive ongoing information regarding the fellowship and professional development activities.