Yuri Koshkin


Yuri Koshkin, Senior Advisor, offers almost twenty years of advisory experience working with clients in Russia, Ukraine, and throughout Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

Dr. Koshkin is a native of Russia and is currently based in Washington, DC, where he co-founded Trident Group in 1996 with Yevgeny Pshenichny, a Russian-trained lawyer who heads Trident’s Moscow office.

Under Dr. Koshkin’s leadership, Trident Group has advised many large US and global companies in a variety of key sectors, including energy, aerospace, telecommunications, investment and financial services, insurance, and filmmaking and entertainment. The firm has also led a robust Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA)-related practice and consulted on compliance issues, developing a reputation for highly ethical methods and discretion.

Dr. Koshkin launched Trident Group following a career in the Former Soviet Union’s military and intelligence communities. He was based both in the Soviet Union and overseas during his military service, during which he participated in several multilateral missions in the US and abroad. Since moving to the US in 1991, Dr. Koshkin has worked as USSR Director of Development for the New York-based company Anthony Potter Productions, Inc. and Director of Development for Russia at the strategic communications firm PBN in San Francisco, California before founding Trident Group in 1996. He is now a US citizen.

Dr. Koshkin is a frequent commentator on major TV and radio networks and has been profiled in Businessweek and Portfolio magazines. He graduated from the Moscow Military Institute, Ministry of Defense. Dr. Koshkin received a PhD-equivalent in History and International Relations from the Institute of the USA and Canada Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow.