Samuel Lewis


Samuel Lewis is a member of McLarty Associates’ Board of Counselors. He is based in Panama City.

Mr. Lewis has a distinguished record of public service in Panama, having served concurrently as First Vice President and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Panama under President Martin Torrijos from 2004-2009. His foreign policy efforts contributed to a successful bid to win Panama a seat on the United Nations Security Council from 2007-2008, and elevated Panama’s status as a regional leader.

Before entering government, Mr. Lewis was a senior executive at several companies investing in Panama and throughout Central America and the Caribbean, including his family company Empaques de Colon as well as ELE Group, Northsound Corporation, and Red Crown Corporation. Since leaving public service, he has been President of Calder International, a Panamanian real estate company.

Mr. Lewis has been an active participant in numerous Panamanian and international business organizations, and has served on the board of directors of the Panama Canal Authority. He holds a BA from Georgetown University, where he now serves as Chairman of the Georgetown Latin American Board, and an MBA from American University.