Patrick Heffernan


Patrick Heffernan serves on our Film Advisory Board. Mr. Heffernan previously served as a United States diplomat for 13 years, including two tours in the Middle East.

He began his career with the US Foreign Service in 1997 when he served as a Consular Officer in Cairo followed by a post as a Political & Economic Officer in Dubai and a tour in Washington, DC at the State Department. During the Bush Administration, Mr. Heffernan served on the National Security Council as the Director for the Middle East and Southeast Asia in the Office of Combating Terrorism, where he was responsible for guiding US policy on counterterrorism, counterterrorist financing, and WMD proliferation financing.

After leaving the White House, Mr. Heffernan served in the Treasury Department’s Office of Terrorist Financing and Financial Crimes as the Director for Global Affairs where he worked to track and undo the many networks which, openly and covertly, provided the resources for Al Qaeda, Hezbollah and other terrorists to operate worldwide.