Asfaw Alemayehu


Asfaw Alemayehu, Advisor, assists clients in Ethiopia from his base in Addis Ababa.

Mr. Alemayehu is a  business development professional with over 18 years of senior-level business development experience in the US and Ethiopia.  He currently provides market entry and strategic business development for clients for the Ethiopian market, and has worked on the Ethiopian Industry Park, garment and textile sector, power, livestock, and consumer goods sectors. Mr. Alemayehu has designed and implemented successful market entry projects for his clients.

Prior to moving to Ethiopia in 2009, Mr. Alemayehu was a director of member services at the Corporate Council on Africa in Washington DC. From 2005 – 2009, he was a member of senior management team of US – Africa Business Summit and the Commission on Capital Flows to Africa, which organized numerous conferences in the US and Africa that attracted leading business professionals and government officials from forty two countries.

Currently, Mr. Alemayehu  is the Managing Director of Gazebo International, a strategic business development and project management company that provides market entry strategies and support to clients with specialized insights into the business and economic conditions necessary to achieving success in Ethiopia. He also serves as an advisor to the Corporate Council on Africa.