Launching All Encompassing, the McLarty Associates podcast

October 28, 2019

All Encompassing, a new podcast from McLarty Associates, tells the stories behind the foreign policy headlines. 

Host Safiya Ghori-Ahmad, MA South Asia director, sits down with some of the most influential and dynamic thinkers of our time to understand how and why they made decisions that affect international affairs — and all of our lives. Some may be foreign policy experts and diplomats, some are humanitarians and business leaders, and others are just brilliant people who have stories to tell about their careers and how they got there. Many of you know will know what our guests have done, but now you’ll learn who they really are.

Our firm’s logo features a compass rose because, in many ways, we help our clients navigate the commercial globe. So just as our work covers the globe and a range of industries and issues, our podcast will be similarly all-encompassing.

Upcoming guests of the podcast will include: Mack McLarty, former chief of staff to President Clinton; James Stavridis, former NATO Supreme Allied Commander; Ernest Moniz, former secretary of energy; John D. Negroponte, former deputy secretary of state; and McLarty Associates trade experts Kellie Meiman and Tami Overby.

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