Podcast Episode 2, feat. Kellie Meiman Hock & Tami Overby: Trade Deals – “If you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu”

November 12, 2019

Host Safiya Ghori-Ahmad sits down with McLarty’s Kellie Meiman Hock and Tami Overby to talk all things trade. From tariffs to domestic political winds to trade deals happening all around the world – these trade extraordinaires dive into the weeds and break down the state of global trade, as well as the personal stories and backgrounds they bring to the negotiating table.


Kellie Meiman Hock, Managing Partner, has led the McLarty Associates trade practice since 2000. A former USTR negotiator and foreign service officer, Ms. Meiman has helped major multinational companies to leverage opportunities and troubleshoot obstacles to market access and investment. She has worked on various aspects of industrial policy, ranging from local content requirements to data localization and trade remedies. Ms. Meiman has been deeply engaged in companies’ efforts to manage increased unilateral US trade actions, new trade talks, and renegotiation of US trade agreements with North America and Korea.


Tami Overby, Senior Director, was active representing American company interests in the US-Korea (KORUS) Free Trade Agreement negotiations as the head of the American Chamber of Commerce in Seoul for 14 years. After leaving Korea, she joined the US Chamber of Commerce as the head of the Asia program and President of the US-Korea Business Council and in that capacity, led the US-Korea Business Coalition to get the KORUS agreement successfully ratified. Then she turned her attention to the Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations and led the US Chamber’s efforts to represent American business interests there, leading the US business stakeholder delegations to most negotiation rounds. 

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