Podcast Episode 14, feat. Ikea’s Pär Stenmark: “Socially beneficial, economically viable, and environmentally appropriate”

June 23, 2020


The global issue of climate change will require a holistic solution. Pär Stenmark, Chief Regulatory Affairs Officer/Public Affairs Manager for IKEA Range & Supply, joins the podcast to describe how to unlock the green, circular economy. Drawing on his experience as a forester, pioneering in forest certification and also working for the Swedish government as a committee secretary, Pär relays how IKEA continues to service its global customers while remaining true to its values of democratic design for the people.

Pär Stenmark is the Chief Regulatory Affairs Officer and Public Affairs Manager for IKEA Range & Supply and is based in Älmhult, Sweden.

Pär has been with IKEA since 2000, where he has served in a variety of roles. Currently, Pär leads the Public Affairs section where he focuses on product innovations and product information.

Pär Stenmark is an expert in forestry and materials sourcing with over 20 years’ experience working in both government and private enterprise.

Prior to his time at IKEA, he worked as a committee secretary for the Swedish government. His projects investigated enhanced protection of forest land for nature conservation.

Pär earned his MSc in Forestry and Forest Management from Sveriges Lantbruksuniveristet in 1996.

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