LIVEMINT: Nelson Cunningham on Brazil and India trade ties

Opinion | It’s time Brazil and India gave trade ties a turboboost

By Nelson W. Cunningham

January 26, 2020

Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro is on a visit to India as Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s chief guest for Republic Day. What can we expect when the leader of South America’s largest nation visits South Asia’s largest country?

The two leaders will announce the usual sorts of accords ranging from Brazilian agricultural exports to cooperation in cybersecurity, technology and medicine. There will surely be speeches about friendship, and the need for developing nations to strengthen their global bargaining positions. This is positive and modestly advances relations.

But let us hope that the leaders bring larger ambitions to achieve a more enduring transformation. I have been privileged to visit India and Brazil many times, advising global companies on their commercial goals in both countries. And I see two unexpectedly similar countries that deserve to be essential partners in the 21st century.

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