McLarty Associates helps leading-edge tech companies internationalize and helps global tech companies succeed abroad. We have deep expertise in lawful government requests, IP protection, data flow & localization requirements, privacy, and selling to governments (ethically).

For more than a dozen years, we’ve helped Silicon Valley-based clients at every stage of development, from start-ups to emerging international players, including advising one of the world’s most prominent tech companies on its international strategies.

We’ve worked with leading players in:

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Streaming
  • Big Data
  • Blockchain


  • Maneuvering Abroad: We’ve helped some of the biggest names in tech face their first challenges abroad by crafting their government relations presences, partnering plans, and engagement strategies, from Latin America to Africa to Asia
  • Navigating EU Institutions: We’ve helped tech clients navigate challenges and opportunities posed by cross-border tax issues, privacy and data protection, and policies such as Safe Harbor
  • Navigating Regulatory Frameworks: We assisted a global technology company dealing with lawful government access demands to respond to requests from military and intelligence services in the Middle East and India. And we helped a major technology company with privacy and access issues in Pakistan, Thailand, Turkey, and elsewhere. We’ve also helped a drone start-up identify, vet and pursue opportunities across Africa, navigating the emerging regulatory landscape around drones and their use for social and commercial purposes, adapting this new technology to address local needs.
  • Advancing Cutting-Edge Technologies: We worked with a blockchain company to successfully to address production concerns with a major chip manufacturer in Asia. And we helped an ag tech start-up to mobilize global stakeholders in order to expedite the approval process for their innovative product in emerging markets

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