Higher Education & Non-Profit

In addition to our work with corporate clients, McLarty Associates boasts a long record of engagement with institutions of higher education and non-profits.

Over the years, we’ve helped some of the US’s premier universities in key markets around the world. Similarly, we’ve assisted some of the most influential global non-profits on health, environment, and education issues.

We apply our global reach and decades of strategic advisory expertise to benefit clients in the higher education and non-profit sectors. We actively engage in university affairs, from teaching in international affairs programs to founding global studies schools; and from advising universities on their global operations to helping solve government relations issues in key markets. We also serve on many non-profit boards and have brought our expertise to bear to advance their unique goals.

Our services include:

  • Establishing international and corporate partnerships
  • Building global university boards
  • Evaluating and establishing satellite campuses
  • Raising a university’s profile in a target region
  • Helping to identify top faculty and management talent from public and private sector
  • Facilitating global government relations for university officials
  • Navigating foreign regulatory and security frameworks, particularly related to MOOCs


  • We helped a premier US art and design school expand its footprint in Asia and Europe
  • We offered strategic advice to an Ivy League university on complex international issues and helped shape advocacy strategies with key governments in South America, Southeast Asia, the Gulf, and Africa
  • We helped a major US medical school reevaluate its strategy for partnerships and presence in Southeast Asia
  • We assisted a global foundation in developing relations with governments to help increase access to the Internet and educational tools
  • We worked with a global environmental NGO to advance key issue interests among government stakeholders in Latin America

Higher Education & Non-Profit Team