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McLarty Media, our Film & Entertainment practice, advises major film studios, directors, producers and screenwriters on issues of international interest, covering story development, authentic script content, unique location requirements, and complex production logistics.

Led by Richard Klein, CEO of McLarty Media, our team includes former diplomats, government officials, and intelligence experts with decades of international experience who are practiced in working with filmmakers.

McLarty Media remains engaged throughout the production process, resolving any problems that a big, complex, and demanding film encounters, from prep to principal photography to marketing and distribution, and ensuring both major success for the studio and the promised opportunities and gains that a motion picture can deliver for foreign locations.



Our film and media practice area quietly helps some of Hollywood’s biggest and most challenging movies get made in tricky places and telling complicated stories, such as:

  • Helped F8: Fate of the Furious become the first major motion picture to shoot in Cuba since the revolution
  • Led the first film ever to shoot in Abu Dhabi
  • Brought the biggest film production ever to Dubai
  • Helped create the hit TV show Designated Survivor
  • Helped films with various stages of script development, filming, and production, including:  Miami Vice, The Kite Runner, The Kingdom, the Transformers franchise, the Mission: Impossible franchise, Star Trek: Beyond, and Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

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